Xcode 12 and iOS 14 support

To build apps with the Fritz SDK and Xcode 12 Beta 2 / iOS 14, please use the following version in your pod file:

pod 'Fritz', '6.0.0-beta.1'

We will continue to use beta releases of the Fritz SDK to support the latest Xcode and iOS versions. When stable versions have been released, we will remove the beta tag from the version. A list of changes (especially breaking ones) can be found here

If you have any issues with the beta versions of the SDK, please post them as replies to this thread.


Is FritzVisionPeopleSegmentationModelFast not supported on iOS 11 anymore? There are few places it’s marked as iOS 12 only.


For how, versions of the Fritz SDK compatible with iOS 12 will have a minimum version of iOS 11. We’ll be working on some ways to provide more backwards compatibility but due to changes in Core ML, we’ve needed to bump the minimum target.