Want to choose suitable plan for my application

Hi Fritz Team,
We would like to know about Fritz studio plans for creating mobile friendly machine learning models.

Our requirements are

  1. image segmentation as we need to provide a mask after detection
  2. iOS and Android models
  3. training with our own dataset
    We have a few questions about the plan.
  4. How much training time do we need to create our model?
  5. Can we customise the Machine learning model to get specific output parameters?
  6. Which plan best suits us?
  7. Do we get support and for how long?
  8. After completion of application, can we unsubscribe the acc? still the model work with app?
    6.does it supports other python and related libraries?
  9. Do we get android and ios integration code?

Request you to please provide us plan details.
Let us know if you have any query

Thanks & Regards,
Monika Waghole