Storage capacity of fritz

Hello Fritz Team,

I have below questions .Please go through it and let me know the answers asap.

I am having an essential subscription plan of fritz currently.

  1. Capacity - with essential plan ,we get 25gb storage and unlimited images? what does it mean? Both the terms have different meanings? If we get 25 gb storage then how can we store unlimited images? So can we add images in the dataset until 25gb full?

  2. If storage is full then using a model based approach can we still capture the images and retrain the model?

  3. Can fritz have any option to close or stop the capturing of images automatically when the storage is full using model based approach? (I am using a record method to capture the image.)

4.Is there any option , with fritz to automate the capturing of images while using a record method or anything else? Without allowing the end user to capture the images by the button?

Can we make automation for capturing of images when required?

If yes then what checkpoints we can add in the android code to do so?