In this GitHub page

it says " In Android Studio, choose “Open an existing Android Studio project” and select skeleton-live-video-app". What is this skeleton-live-video-app thing I can not find it anywhere.

Apologies, those instructions are out of date. Which demo are you trying to use?

You should be able to open any project within the fritz-examples/Android folder.

Im having trouble running this the instructions are really unclear. I want to make sure I go to cameraBoilerplate App and go to fritz.xml and put in my api key I got after signing into the fritz. Now am I suppose to click run, it doesn’t have any device connected to it even though I plugged it in to my device. Not sure what to do tbh.

What Fritz feature are you trying to use? Object detection? Pose Estimation? A custom model?

For questions related to Android Studio, please follow their official documentation:

I was able to get it to run. In this article Im trying to do style transfer on this app but the instructions are just very unclear for me. I don’t see an onCreate method in this cameraboilerplate app and no such thing as PaintingStyles exists. It says see main to follow along but Im having a hard time on what to do exactly.

Got it. I don’t think you want to be using the CameraBoilerPlate App. That project is meant to be used for people looking for good patterns to organize camera code in Android Projects. It does not include models by default.

Try this project instead. Specifically, the README points you to style transfer code: