Kaleidoscope model not available at the latest SDK

Hi guys, we have updated to the latest Fritz SDK version for iOS.

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We have noticed that the kaleidoscope model isn’t available anymore. Is there any way we can get it back as we have it in use in our app?

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  • version of the Fritz SDK, testing device, OS version, and Xcode / Android Studio version. (e.g Fritz v5.3.1, iPhone 11 on iOS 13.4, Xcode 11.4):

Fritz (5.3.7):
Fritz/VisionStyleModel/Paintings (5.4.1):
Xcode: 11.6

We get this error only for this model:
Type ‘PaintingStyleModel.Style’ has no member ‘kaleidoscope’

Thanks in advance,

That model has been moved to the “Patterns” pack with some new styles we have incorporated. See the full list here:

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