How to get the output values from image segmentation algorithm

Hello Fritz Team,
As you have mentioned that output of the image segmentation algorithm returns value of below things:
1)Height and width of the mask
2)Number of classes the model predicts
3)Probability that pixel belongs to class
(I have attached the screenshots of the same too .)
So, how can get that values ? how to check output parameters of the Model in android and ios?
Can you suggest any method?


  1. By default, the height and width of the mask is the same height and width of the model input (224x224 for fast image segmentation models and 512x512 for accurate).

  2. The number of classes your model predicts depends on your configuration. It is equal to the number of labels in your dataset.

  3. The confidence scores of the models can be accessed via the getConfidenceScores method on FritzVisionSegmentationResult object on Android and the predictionResult property of FritzSegmentationResult on iOS.

In general, values related to model output can all be accessed programmatically via the segmentation result objects linked to above.