HairColor Android

I am using Oneplus 6T and Samsung galaxy J7

I am using your Github sample of Hair color android, but its not working properly, please check the detection of hair, If I am using Live hair segmentation then it is also coloring my background ball.

Can you be more specific about the issue you are having? Which version of the Fritz SDK are you using? Can you post pictures / screenshots showing the failures.


how may i reach to you through mail jameson ? can you suggest me ?

Sorry for the delay.

I am using below version of Android Hair segment

I can’t use model-accurate, because this model-fast is already slow and I am using this in Live makeup.

Also please check the attached screenshot.WhatsApp Image 2020-10-05 at 12.57.28


While we try to make our models as accurate as possible, on-device models are a trade-off between speed and accuracy. They will not produce 100% perfect results. If you notice repeated issues in specific scenarios, we recommend using Fritz AI Studio to collect additional data and train your own models for your particular use cases.


Hi @jameson

I checked Fritz AI studio on the play store, and it looks like
Fritz AI Studio is faster than HairColoringApp on Github.

I am using Fritz Android SDK with OpenCV, and when I execute fritz hair coloring code, I am getting very low fps.
Please suggest how can I make it faster?

The hair coloring app and Fritz AI Studio use the exact same model. You can see the code for both apps on Github.

Make sure you have set the useGPU option to true