Fritz Studio Custom Model Download Errors

  • A brief summary of the issue you’re encountering:
    I trained a custom model on Fritz Studio but I am getting this error while trying to use it.

FritzCustomModelService: Downloading model version 1 failed after -509241772439589ms.
2020-11-16 21:43:27.007 15357-15357/com.namespace.fritzcustom E/FritzCustomModelService: Job failed…rescheduling.

  • Any relevant code snippets that exemplify the issue:
    Using this code snippet

      FritzVisionLabelPredictor predictor;
    LabelingManagedModel managedModel = FritzVisionModels.getImageLabelingManagedModel();
              FritzVision.ImageLabeling.loadPredictor(managedModel, new PredictorStatusListener<FritzVisionLabelPredictor>() {
                  public void onPredictorReady(FritzVisionLabelPredictor imageLabelingPredictor) {
                      Log.i( "Info", "Image Labeling predictor is ready");
      //                predictor = imageLabelingPredictor;

This error occurs if you are trying to use over-the-air model downloads on a product plan that does not have access. OTA downloads are enabled for at Growth or Enterprise plan levels only. For a detailed comparison of each plan’s features, see here:

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