Error when i integrate model which i have created for image segmentation

I have created a custom dataset. and anotate it . Then use image segmentation algo to train successfully generate the .tflite file.but when i integrate it with android . it doesn’t work. it shows the below issue in android studio.

what can i do now??

Hello Jameson ,
I am facing with this issue then i tried to integrate the tftite file with show null input and otput parameter when i try to merge with the code of android . what can do?? why i am getting such error? i have 1)created a seed dataset for 46 images.
2)generated the snap shot with 4600 images.
3)Used the pretrain image segmantation model to train the dataset for my custom object called nail.
4) The model files are generated(tflite)
5) i use the documentation of android to do the steps. and tried to integrate with android code.
but it show error that it doesnot able to get the values from model files. thats y show some null values. what can i do?
i used pretrain image segmenation model to train the custom nails images? is there any problem?