Dataset Related questions and answers

  1. Can we upload a dataset which includes images and their annotations? on fritz directly.
  2. Does the Image segmentation algorithm have Augmentation operations included like zoom in/out, rotate? internally in the fritz studio itself.
    Please let me know.
  1. Yes. You can upload COCO-formated datasets that include both images and annotations. To do this, create a new Standard Image Collection then select Upload -> Upload COCO Dataset. Note that if you want to train a model with data you have labeled within the Fritz AI Studio and data you have uploaded, the annotation labels need to match EXACTLY. So if you wanted images you labeled had the categories “cat” and “dog”. The COCO dataset must have categories “cat” and “dog” in that order, with the names spelled the same. Here is information on the COCO data format:

  2. Yes, augmentation is automatically applied during training. You do not need to include this yourself.

Hey Jameson,
Thanks for your reply . We have taken in consideration that suggestions. But still I am facing an issue.

I am trying with my account but it wont allow me.

Question -
We are trying to upload COCO dataset but getting an error as “Failed importing annotated images”. Please guide us in this.
I am attaching the zip file of the dataset. What can we do now?

Thanks ,

(Attachment Img is missing)