Access key and secrete key while using customize image segmenation from in colab provided by fritz

hello Jameson,

I am trying to say that. when i click on overview then select image segmentation and then i clicked on customize notebook to create customize one. Then it open a notebook on the google colab. then it ask for access_key = “YOUR CLOUD REPO USERNAME”

secret = “YOUR CLOUD REPO PASSWORD” this things in notebook.

thats a asking about… what to add. it doesnot shows valid access when i entered my login and password credential. i am a free account user. so can i get this facility. please provide me the one for free for few days till i get some confidence.

Those notebooks are from an older version of Fritz AI and are no longer supported. Model training is now available via the Fritz AI Studio product. You will not need any access keys to use it. Take a look at these instructions and let us know if you have any issues:

Also, could you tell me where you found the link to that notebook?