About the creation multiple object of same type for image segmentation in same image

Hi, i am having issue in creating mask of same type with more than 1 time in the same image.
I have created the dataset of seed images. Added the images but i want to anotate the images. i have having more than 1 object of same type in single image. And i want to use the same mask to all the objects in the same image.
But not able to do so.at a time only one mask is created for a single image.
Please suggest , what to do.

In order to label images with multiple instances of an object, you must toggle the “Multi-Instance Annotation” switch in the bottom left menu under “Workflow Settings”.

This will allow you add more than one mask per image.

i have already done that.but when i switch it , i deletes the previously created mask and apply mask on another object only once.

Yup, that seems like a bug. We’ll take a look and get back to your shortly.

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Can you please let me know. What can i do now for masking multiple objects of same type in same image??

We’ve just pushed out a fix for this. To add multiple instances:

  1. Make sure the “Multi-Instance Annotation” setting is toggled to the on position.
  2. Draw your first segmentation mask on the object.
  3. Once you have completed that mask, you need to go back to the main Objects menu by pressing the back arrow next to the word FINGERNAILS in your example or using the keyboard shortcut: ` (the back-tick key)
  4. Select another object to annotate, in your case it will be FINGERNAIL again, and draw a new segmentation mask.

Let me know if you have any troubles.
Jul-15-2020 16-41-08

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its pretty good . Thanks .
Another thing is i want to train a model for nail detection and masking using image segmentation. I can i do that ?? should i use pretrainned model for my custom data-set. or need to create a custom image segmentation model?? can you please suggest me. ??

Hello Jameson,
I have done all things, but still when i tried to merge it with android code it show the input and output tensor values and elements are null. what to do? why this is so??

Hello Jameson ,
i am also facing with the same issue . when i create mask for one object in single image it works, but when i have tried to apply mask on multiple objects in the same image , it wont work. please look into it.ASAP.